Barry Hyde. Surf Cafe. 2.7.16


The more he matures, the easier it is to compare Barry Hyde’s body of work to that of Paddy Macaloon’s; light pop sensibilities combined with moments of severe depth.  His music can both make, and break, your heart.

As part of the Mouth of the Tyne festival we are treated to an outstanding evening, sound tracked by his current work which puts to music how his bipolar condition makes him feel.

With a 4 piece orchestra to accompany him, and a specially designed setting, the work is  haunting, insightful and beautiful all at the same time.  It’s also exceptionally emotional, calming and heart warming.

Perhaps due to the intensity of the performance, Hyde seems keen to sprinkle light touches across the evening; humorous asides and laconic Ivor Cutler covers.  It offers an interesting insight into Hyde as a man with a very sincere desire to make others smile.   It’s utterly, utterly, brilliant.




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