Pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs. 20.1.17. Cluny.


Whereas rock and metal tend to focus on aspiration, attitude and ego; doomrock (or whatever the kids are calling it now) tends to centre it’s themes around desperation, searching and isolation.

Taking the intense vocal delivery and physicality from hardcore punk acts like Black Flag and the Cro-Mags, and mixing it with the nuclear sounds of metal such as Metallica, Pigs x 7 provided a one-way ticket direct to the heart of darkness in search of answers to their questions and friendship to their isolation.

Lyrics swing from self-appointed-divinity to self-hatred within seconds as the band push their style of no compromise to an extreme, seemingly having utter faith in the belief that answers can only be found by breaking yourself apart and looking inside.

Pushing their music into the physical performance art world of, say, Marina Abramovic, the band’s brilliance is to travel to a place where most of us wish we could go.  But chose not to.

It’s compelling to watch, and yet difficult at the same time; watching a band push themselves towards a physical breakdown asks as many questions for the audience as it does for the band.

Well beyond the boundaries of a traditional music show, this was a show that is still affecting me weeks later.

Support: Toughtits


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