Laura Veirs. The Cluny. 5.6.18

In recent history, there’s not been too many musical acts who’ve been able to blend humour, intellect and pop structures together in a way that makes you laugh and feel profoundly moved at the same time.  For every wannabe who’s come and gone (see fat dancers from Take That) we’ve only had a handful of gems who’ve been able to find the balance, and maintain it for a respectful amount of time (see The B52’s and The Lemonheads).

Laura Veirs, twenty years and 10 albums into her career, most certainly makes the grade as an honorary member of the ‘consistently smart and funny’ club.  Playing tonight alongside a tight 3 piece, Veirs plays music that is equal parts intelligent, upbeat and tear-jerking.

Recent release ‘Everybody needs you’ is the set’s highlight, perfectly showcasing Veirs’ ability to create, and then deliver, a concise narrative both with her precise vocal range and also as part of a locked-in 3 part harmony.  It’s magnificent both in it’s ambition to stretch the boundaries of pop and it’s Americana meets folk meets pop structure.

‘The Meadow’, again taken from her most recent album, is equally as impactful with it’s piano minimalism and subtle suggestion for the need of hope in adverse times.

When left to the experts, pop music really can be devastatingly impactful.

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