Death in Vegas. The Boiler Shop. Newcastle. 26.7.18

Richard Fearless, founder and sole constant member of Death in Vegas, as well as all round creative force, has often talked about the importance of change in an artist’s development.  Switching his own career across numerous geographies, forms, and artistic styles, Fearless has consistently applied change to the style and sound of his most well-known work of Death in Vegas, regularly adjusting their musical and performing personalities.

Rejecting some of the droning, druggy psychedelia, sounds of late 90s and early 2000 classic albums (‘The Contino Sessions’ and ‘Scorpio Rising’), the band morphed earlier this century into minimalistic electronica (20004s ‘Satan’s circus’) and now into their current alter-ego of rapturous, upbeat, instrumental dance music creators (a la 2011’s ‘Trans-Love Energies’).

It’s this dancier, more optimistic, side of the band which dominates tonight’s presentation, both in terms of set-list and stage show and sees the band take to the stage surrounded by analogue synths, vintage drum machines and battered reverb units.   Long gone is the live band and the dark, Velvet Underground/ Warhol factory styled images, now replaced with a multi-coloured strobe and light show which is used to support the ambience of a set reflective of Fearless’s upbeat dj style.

The combined result of tonight’s performance choices is a show which is optimistic, light and instrument, heavily focused on output from Vegas’s past decade.

As the old saying going, we only like change when it’s to our benefit.  With Fearless in charge of change within Death In Vegas’s future, we are in good hands.  Tonight is a testimony to a man, and an idea, about forcing yourself to be creative and try something new.

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