Lost Voice Guy. Customs House. 28.7.18


Just over a month after being crowned as this years ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ winner, Lost Voice Guy, better known locally as Geordie comedian Lee Ridley, returned to the shores for a well-deserved victory lap and a demonstration of his own brand of the quick one-liners and self-deprecating humour which has made him a household name in the world of prime-time tv.

Focusing the majority of his material on his BGT experience, Ridley takes us on a humorous, one-line heavy, trip through fame, his life with cerebral palsy and his experiences of being part of a prime time tv show.   Displaying intellect, wit and cheek, Ridley pushes his content right up to the before-the-watershed boundaries of decency, getting away with it through his good-natured style of delivery, his overall positivity and the fact that you can’t help but laugh.

Jokes and comments about the North East get the largest response from the audience, particularly the references to his ‘posh sounding’ synthesized voice, the regions love of Greggs and his experiences of growing up locally.  Spending most of the evening turning the jokes on himself, and his condition, Ridley proves to be both funny, brave and a genuine inspiration for those of us who take ourselves too seriously.  Inspiring in so many ways.

Image not mine


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