Mad Caddies. o2 Academy. Newcastle. 31.8.17

The Human Givens Institute suggest that each human has five key needs that must be met in order for him or her to be fully motivated.  Usually applied to corporate roles, the five ‘Human needs’ can support our understanding of where motivation comes from, and how people remain motivated in roles they’ve done for years.  Of the most important, the needs of ‘achievement’ (having a sense of accomplishment) and ‘meaning’ (connecting our values with those of our paymasters) are often considered the major influences on the human psyche, and without these being met, our roles would become meaningless and void of emotion.

23 years into their careers, it would be interesting to see what motivates the Mad Caddies to continue writing new material and playing live.  Watching them in a live setting, my guess is that their motivation would come through the importance they put behind the meaning to their songs.  Upbeat, excitable and rebellious, the music of the Mad Caddies is designed not only to release the emotions of the songwriters, but also to provide the type of inspiration needed to live life on your own terms.

Blasting into tonight the Caddies are as passionate and driven as ever, performing in an environment designed for the type of pogo/bounce/dance that comes from a driven pop/punk/ska/reggae sound.  Nowhere is this done better tonight than on highlight ‘shoot out the lights’ with it’s blend of Russian wedding feel meets new Orleans jazz.  It’s a winning combination that provides serious lyrics, energetic dancing, humorous delivery and fine musicianship.

Attacking the night, the Caddies line up with a front line of 2 guitars and 2 horns, all moving constantly and provoking the audience.  However, tonight’s lynchpin is bassist Graham Palmer, who standing still at the back, provides the central point for a musical style which draws inspiration from different styles and releases it in different rhythms and approaches.

Giving it one hundred per cent effort, the Caddies offer a great example of a band who still find huge meaning in what they do.

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