Stealing Sheep. Wow Machine. Boiler Shop. 31.8.18

Tending to find a perfect balance between pop and art, Liverpool’s electro-pop trio Stealing Sheep have become synonymise with performance-based lived shows containing big ideas and big questions.

Teaming up with experimental, multimedia, show creators ‘The Kazimier’ ‘Wow Machine’ carries on that reputation and heads the Sheep towards a theatrical-musical-dance spectacular.

Highly influenced by the sounds and live show of The Pet Shop Boys, tonight sees the Sheep put on a show which is a mixture of high-art concepts and pure pop ecstasy, wrapped up nicely in house-inflected, dreamy, electronica.

Brought to life by a team of 8, highly choreographed, dancers, Wow Machine ultimately works through it’s ability to showcase Stealing Sheep’s pounding, dance-heavy, sounds and 3 part, precise, vocals.  The result landing us tonight in a pop heaven world, somewhere between synth driven Underworld and pop melodies of Bananarama.

Theatrical and sensory overloading, ‘Wow machine’ is pop at it’s highest brow.

Wow by name, wow by nature.

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