Fireball Fuelling the Fire. o2 Academy. 5.9.18.

Whatever your stance about corporate sponsorship of musical events, Fireball, with their annual hard rock ‘Fire’ tour, deserve praise for investing both cash and promotional opportunities into the rock and punk scene.  Battling it out for a place on the main ‘Fire’ tour, tonight’s ‘Fuelling the Fire’ sees 8 bands from the North East and parts of Scotland head-off with a 15 minute, 3 song, set.

Having been whittled down from over 350 artists, tonight sees some excellent performances from each of the entrants, including Northern Horizon, Deadbeat Paradise, Digits, Thieves of Liberty, LoGoz, and Too Close For Missiles.

Local punks LoGoz deserve credit, as always, for a set which is amped, ferocious and full of fun, as do hard rockers ‘Digits’ who can both feel proud of themselves pushing ultimate winners ‘Thieves of Liberty’ right to the finishing line.

Well done to Thieves for their sensational performance.  Well done to Fireball for putting on the night.  And well done to all of the bands for making tonight a great showcase for great emerging talent.

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