SleepTape. Surf Cafe. 15.9.18

The key role, really, of a rock star, is to provide evidence that being in a band is as much fun as you’d ever imagined it would be.  Perhaps more than any other reason, music fans will always love the bands who love the life, hence why your Orbital’s will always be in the peripheries but your Oasis’s and Shed Seven’s will continue to sell by the truckload.  They make it look easy, they make it look fun and they make it look achievable.

SleepTape have grown to become one of the hottest tickets in the North East for exactly these reasons.  Using ear-to-ear smiles as their key weapon, the four-piece play the type of complex, but simple looking, guitar-driven pop which inspires an audience to lose their inhibitions and mosh, crowd surf, wall climb and sing along.  Tonight it also inspires hilarious drunken stumbles into the drum kit.

SleepTape were unstoppable tonight.   They also proved that the job of being in a rock band really is the best in the world.

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