Europe. 17.9.18. Newcastle Academy

In the mid-80s, Europe were arguably THE rock band.  Heavy with their riffs, and light with their synthetics, the Swedish rockers blend of killer rock and pop production went on to shift 25 million units.

Yet hidden behind their smash singles, the band always saw themselves as a heavier, almost metal, type of rock band, which, given tonight’s performance, is an image they’re still keen to reclaim.   So tonight we hear the pop-rock classics (‘Carrie’, ‘Rock the night’ and, of course, ‘The final countdown’) but we also get heavier, Maiden-esque, deep riffs (‘Scream of anger’, ‘War of kings’ and ‘Nothin’ to ya’).  Clad in leather, and full of classic rock poses, Europe are here to remind us that their hearts were always, really, in the classic rock/ metal world.

Now in their mid-50s Europe put on a show full of energy and intent.  This is a triumph for the spirit of hard rock.

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