Violet Bunnies. 20.9.18. The Globe.



Billed as the launch party for new single ‘Grass’, but ending with the announcement of a hiatus for the band, tonight was a mixed bag for The Bunnies and their audience.

Well worth the wait, ‘Grass’ proved to be a fine way to sign off, with it’s lush piano-led Fleetwood Mac meets Abba styled Americana/folk/pop sound.  Led tonight by fantastic live harmonies the single is the standout in an evening of otherwise, finally delivered, covers taking us from Crowded House to Bob Dylan.  A series of technical hitches aside, on Queen’s ‘Crazy little thing called loved’, the Bunnies delivered a confident performance focused on dual instruments (piano and guitar) and dual vocals.

With promises for the band to remain together, of sorts, in two spin-off outfits, it’s refreshing to hear that the promise of ‘Grass’ may live on and be further developed in the future.  Bittersweet.


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