Oilbirds. 22.9.18. Hogans Darlington.


Rising from the ashes of Green Fuzz, Oilbirds take on the early(ish) shift at Hogan’s bringing us their unique blend of drone and swagger.  Structured around death and redemption, the Birds turn their guitars up to 10, feed them back with the intensity most bands might only use if this was their last ever gig, and then play the shit out of them.

Timothy Oxnard takes control of most of the proceedings with his William Reid style Pete Townsend chords, renegade guitar solos and deep blues, Eric-Burdon esque, vocals.  It’s an electrifying combination and one which makes everything screech and howl.  There’s talk of recorded work coming out soon and if it’s half as good as this then it’ll be one of the most vital sounding records in a long time

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