Yves. 4.10.18. Think Tank? Underground

Author Jim Collins, in his seminal work ‘Good to great’, proposed the key differences between high, or ‘great’, performance; and that of simply solid, or ‘good’, performance. Concluding that great performance came from disciplined thought, disciplined people and disciplined action, Collins proposed that the main factor of greatness belonged to how we conduct ourselves, and our ability to remain disciplined.

Perhaps not scholars of Collins, Yves failed to catch fire for the first half of their set; seemingly unable to break out of second gear and attack their show with the same disciplined action that they showed in the final fifteen minutes.  Standouts ‘Glasgow’ and ‘Where do we go from here?’ proved that Yves, when fully committed, are a solid indie-rock 3 piece loaded with strong tunes and a raw anger and certainly ones to watch.

If Yves want to be considered great, then they need to show disciplined action for their full show.  Especially a show which is only 30 minutes long. Yves were good, but not great.

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