Father John Misty. The Sage. 26.10.18

Delving deeper than most with tales of president Trump, social media, Taylor Swift and politics Father John is the type of artist that, I’d guess, most artists would be if only they were as intelligent.  Or as fearless.

Humorous, cynical, sincere but ultimately insightful, FJM’s creates music-with-a-serious-point-poking-fun-at-people-who-take-themselves-too-seriously-whilst-taking-itself-seriously-whilst-poking-fun-at-itself.  Or ‘meta-meta-irony’ in today’s Hipster manual.  Or just ‘incredibly interesting’ in mine.

Flamboyant in parts, stationary in others, tonight’s show is, like Misty’s music, a combination of seriousness and shallowness.  Happy to keep his between chat banter to a minimum, but happy enough to provide quick responses to heckles, this is a show which provides humour and tragedy, rage and empathy, high and low brow, art and entertainment; Tillman in fine form and superb falsetto voice.  Misty describes his music as a response to a culture focused on pure entertainment.  I wonder what he’d describe his live show as, a response to insincerity and low attention spans?

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