Creature. Little Buildings. 2.11.18

There are certain deep-rooted memories that are automatically provoked the second any 3 piece fuzz rock band walk onto stage armed with a battered Fender guitar sporting floppy hair and horrifying fancy dress outfits.  Firstly I shouldn’t have to tell you who’s being referred to, and secondly, yes, the expectations are virtually impossible for any band to live up to.

So whilst Creature may well look like Frances Farmer’s favourite band, tonight they avoid the comparisons by acting and sounding more like their closest friends Dinosaur Jnr. taking deliberate styling from J Mascis’ approach to wild feedback, pop melodies and an ear for punchy, well-written, compositions.

Using tonight as a vehicle to release new single ‘Grow’, Creature continue to push the deliberate button-pushing behaviour they’re gaining attention for, ending the show with a, perhaps slightly prissy, onstage drum destruction and provocative cover of ‘20th Century Boy’.  Interesting, sassy and deliberately full of attitude the band spend the evening playing with on-stage characters and looking for opportunities to connect with their audience, and although some of the bands’ front may lack foundations, it’s still heart-warming to see a young band search for ways to perform and support some fine songwriting including highlight of the night, ‘It’s free’.  It’s always nice to see bands take risks and go looking for danger.

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