Vuromantics. Head of steam. 10.11.18

Blitzing onto stage with their combination of soulful, funk-ified, electronic pop Sheffield’s Vuromantics are certainly a band driven by a purpose of getting people moving.  Playing to a disappointingly small crowd the quintet nevertheless play with maximum effort and engagement, performing their well-curated setlist with the type of confidence usually reserved for coked-up indie acts.  Lead vocalist, Sam Christie, himself last seen trying to persuade the Head of Steam barman to pour him more liquor than he’d paid for, set’s the standard for the band; dancing one moment, standing arms aloft the next, yet always full of energy and bounce.

Typified by standout “Office Romance”, the Vuromantics sound is one centred around a tight bass line and a deep rhythmic drum pattern; perhaps closest to the early break-through days of Spandau Ballet both in terms of on-it dance grooves and soulful vocals.  Misguided by purposeful throw away lyrics, the real breakthrough moments of tonight are the slowed down, soulful, deeply meaningful, tracks (“Back to you” being the finest) which lift a certain mask from the band and turn the ‘mantics from good-time-dance-floor-goers into end-of-the-night-dreamers.  It’s an interesting transformation and one which I’d like to have seen more of.

Warm up act ‘Echolines’ deserve a special mention with their electro meets indie meets video game sound, matched with their on-stage banter.  If their recent single releases have shown us anything, it’s that they’re a band well worth having on your radar.

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