Katie Doherty. 17.1.19. The Sage

Perhaps the key difference between Folk and Pop music is the formers’ desire to talk about the real, rather than the fabricated, life; those small, repetitive, moments that come to define who we are.  Those moments that make us unique.

Recently returning to the stage after a deliberate exile for stage-fright, Doherty, and her Navigators, spend their performance happily exposing the type of special moments that many artists choose not to, traversing such content as family life (‘Angry daughter’), vulnerability (‘Yours’) and parenting (‘Tiny Little shoes’).

Owing much to the minimalistic, traditional, Northumbrian folk sound (Piano, Violin, Accordion) Doherty steals the show with her emotive, almost jazz styled, vocals which provide an access point to the emotive heart of her songs.   Multi-layered, Doherty’s songs are wonderfully constructed, and beautifully delivered, suggesting both the pleasure and the pain of her life choices.

Standout track of the night ‘Tiny little shoes’ sees the Navigators joined by a local choir for it’s refrain, ‘we will sing your heart out‘, providing evidence that underneath any complicated emotion, Doherty’s songs are ultimately about hope and community.    Real life has rarely sounded as good.

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