Good friend. 19.1.19. little buildings

With Little Buildings ending up with a new venue after all, the concern for North East music lovers now is if the new location is able to transfer the atmosphere of the current venue across with it; a considerable challenge for any venue but one specifically challenging to the North East as the mixed results from the decade-ago migration of the Riverside contine to prove.   Packed out tonight for the return of firm favourites, Little Buildings maintains it’s tight, tribal, atmosphere and its culture for welcoming all bands with opening arms.  Warmed up nicely by spirited punksters Cubs, who’s straight to the point hard-core rebellion seems highly appropriate, Good Friend blaze through their traditional, in your face, set with humour and grace.  Highlight ‘Young blood’ typifies their burning, intense, 3 piece punk sound blazing with intelligence and emotion.  Ending their set with the lyrics “Where do you go?/
We’ve got nowhere to go/ Where do you go?/ We call this place home” the Friends finish with what could almost be a conversation with the venue itself, or a middle finger to those who continue to provide minimal support to local artists and venues.  Tonight proved just how much we need artists like Good Friend and venues like Little Buildings.

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