Adam littlemore. 20.1.19. The cluny

If you’re going to have a launch event for your new material then surely the best thing to do is to fill a venue with a bunch of interesting, diverse, artists and give them sufficient space to do as they please.  Or at least that’s what I’d do. Should I ever be talented enough.  Which, of course, I’m not.

Luckily Adam Littlemore is, and what he does tonight, at the launch of his new EP ‘Mirrors’ is to bring himself and four other acts together to celebrate not only his new release but also the power of live music.  As their reputation suggests, ‘The Gentleman Busker’ and ‘Tom Smith’ kick us off in style tonight with their intimate takes on solo acoustica; ‘The Gent’ with an angrier, punk, edge to his playing and Tom with his smart-before-his-time intimate moments.

Four piece local act ‘Plastic’ are up next, turning the night electric with their alternative, guitar driven, indie before handing the night over to ‘Eigengrau’ who add visuals to the evening which accompany their set of epic, cosmic, space rock and sonic exploration; ‘Stealing trees’ being the highlight of a heavy, intense, set.

Closing his own show Littlemore appears last on the bill.  Continuing the theme of each band steadily using more technology in their set Littlemore’s kit is centred around well composed visuals, electric guitars and emotive, distant, programmed beats.  Stealing the show tonight with ‘Cracked memories’, a track from the new EP and introduced as ‘the sound of a world falling apart’, Littlemore uses his deft guitar lics to add a deep atmosphere to the electronic beats.  ‘Cracked’ plays us out into the evening which feels all the better for 5 great sets by 5 great acts.











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