Anna Nicholson. 2.2.19. Washington arts centre

An interesting slant on modern society ‘Woman of the Year’ is a four character, diverse, investigation into the psyche of those who find themselves nominated for a semi-prestigious award.  Using a comic style located somewhere between the unawareness of Alan Partridge and the love-to-be-loved personality of David Brent, Nicholson’s characters are both relatable and cringeworthily as they appeal to the audience to vote for them as the most worthy winner.   Taking an interesting approach to humour, the use of four characters allows Nicholson to mix the presentation of her comedy; obvious in certain moments, more subtle in others, in an interesting experiment which pays off higher with some characters (an online, self absorbed, beauty vlogger) and less well with others (a mischievous elderly lady).  Clever in its use of a continuous back-story ‘Woman of the year’ performs well as a comedy vehicle which looks to hold a mirror up to society whilst investigating themes of personal esteem, authenticity and achievement; how do people handle the difficulty of self-publicity whilst not appearing self-absorbed or egotistical? Funny and insightful Woman of the Year shows Nicholson as an interesting comic with interesting ideas.

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