Lost Society. Newcastle Riverside. 20.2.19

Finland’s heaviest metal act ‘Lost Society’ have been known for several blistering support slots over the past few years, carving out a reputation for high intensity, hit packed, live shows.  Finally released to headline their own UK and Ireland tour, some three years after last being in the North East, the big questions for Lost is can they move from the support show to a headline show; and do they have sufficient standout tracks to keep their audience interested for an hour and half?  These are big questions for any band moving from a support role to a headlining one; perhaps more so for a rock band known for high-energy performances.

Taking to a headline, ninety-minute, show, Lost Society prove that they are match fit and have the energy to perform for the full show.  Dressed in black, and clearly motivated to rock the audience, Lost put on a show which constantly moves and bristles with energy.  Heavily influenced by the best of live metal, Lost Society regularly switch stage positions, run from side to side of the stage, and engage with the audience in call and response moments; their clear intent to push their audience into participating in the show pays off in the way the crowd interact with the band.  Perhaps not overly original, their show takes the best of live metal and forces each member of the crowd to participate as they mosh, swing their hair and leave the evening drenched in sweat.  Sustaining their high energy across their show, Lost Society easily achieve part one of the challenge.

Slightly trickier for the band is their ability to pack 90 minutes of solid classics into their show.  Driven by some exciting, heavy, new tracks (‘My prophecy’ and ‘Hollow eyes’) Lost’s show is hard, guitar heavy and filled with technical wizardry.  Most interesting, the regular interplay and cross over from lead to rhythm by guitarists Samy Elbanna and Arttu Lesonen, is interesting in it’s demonstration of two guitarists clearly in full sync with each other; no moment is lost and no solo is diluted.  But here in lies part of tonight’s room for improvement; with each song lasting on average over the four minute mark, there are moments of guitar hero overload.  Whilst the guitar playing and solos are fascinating to watch, the challenge is how to make them enjoyable without becoming too often – surely a challenge every metal band must face.

Highlights of tonight’s set ‘Overdosed brain’ and ‘Riot’ ultimately prove that Lost Society are a polished metal band, full of technical skill, who can deliver an intense, interactive, show.  They can also step up to the headlining spot with ease.  Passing both headliner tests, Lost Society demonstrate that they are ready for the next step of the career.  Perhaps with one or two less guitar solos next time please gentlemen.  Great stuff.


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