Chaos8. Trillians. Newcastle. 2.3.19

Nicely warmed up by Nottingham rockers Towers, Chaos 8 do exactly what you’d expect from them; they play interesting punk music, and they play it loud and fast.  Opening with the highly charged ‘Darkness & Dust’, Chaos spend the best part of an hour, and their 13 song set, taking us on a journey of the various colours of punk and reminding us that music has always been at the forefront of rebellion and anarchy.  Led, as always, by ferocious leader Beki Straughan Chaos go straight for the jugular from the off, ploughing into their openers (‘Chemical Reaction’, ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Sugar Coated Anarchy’) with characteristic energy and attitude; theirs is a live set based around entertainment and a playing with traditional punk poses and shapes.  If new track ‘The Witch’ points the way towards anything, it’s perhaps that Chaos 8 are keen to continue their energetic attack whilst playing with their traditional sound.  On current form this is nothing but good news.


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