Death Valley Girls. The cluny. 3.3.19

Looking like they’ve come straight from the 1970s, flare wearing three-piece outfit Star Cult kick off the evening with outrageous velvet suits and even louder prog-rock grooves in an explosive set with new track ‘Play the fool’ stealing their impressive set.  Local lads ‘White legs’ follow with walking bass lines and tight, scratchy, guitar lines, landing us formally in the world of the 1980’s, and in particular The Police.  Tight, interesting, and full of catchy tunes (‘On your terms’ and ‘Walking forwards going backwards’) theirs is an interesting set.
Headliners Death Valley Girls close the set with Sonic Youth styled art rock and catchy, poppy, tracks.  Highlights ‘Getting’ Hard’ and ‘Disaster’ use pounding guitar lines, interesting vocal melodies and tight bass parts to demonstrate why they are Iggy Pop’s new favourites and also why they are rumoured to be supporting the next Distillers tour.  Artistic, interesting and cool enough to roll off some worthless heckler, they’re where it’s at.

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