Stiff little fingers. O2 academy. Newcastle. 15.3.19

Maybe the greatest pop culture writer of this century, Chuck Klosterman, suggests that when we are young, we understand the world through ‘other things’; things such as music, or sports, or high-school romances.  It’s our obsessiveness with these things that inform our world, shape our beliefs, and come to define us.  If Klosterman is true, then thank god for The Fingers; the cornerstone of many obsessions and the band who instructed us to believe that fighting for freedom is never about physical borders, rather the borders which exist inside of us.  Some 40 years on the Fingers remain absolutely resolute to this point, and continue to shape beliefs through extraordinary lyrics and a live show defined by the anti-hero stance of punk, as well as it’s straight to the point, raw, musical form of exorcism.  The Fingers prove two points tonight; firstly that their work has always been high-value art, and secondly that there’s a reason they always sell this place out.


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