Il. Trillians. Newcastle. 25.3.19

Kicking off Trillians night of doom rock are North East outfit Geomancer who’s three piece sound is driven around deep bass lines and focused around their recent debut album.  Dedicating their set to Scott Walker, it’s interesting to consider where doom rock meets Walker’s sonic explorations and how one has influenced the other in removing any structures from the possibilities of music.  Up next, local lads ‘Bong’, bring a different type of intensity which in the main is driven by the drone of Mike Vest and his exploration into the sounds of electric guitar and it’s ability to create interesting soundscapes.   A one-song, twenty minute, set sees the band use jazz boundaries to retain a consistent narrative to their piece but play with effects and timing.  Russian headliners IL, on their first UK tour, bring further doom to the evening in a tight and effective set which is made all the more interesting by a delivery in Russian which only acts as to allow the audience access through the melody lines but keeps us guessing about the content of the tracks.  Doom has rarely been presented as well.

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