Breathe Panel. Head of Steam. 8.4.19

Gig number three by ‘Methodical Beasts’, the remnants of former local favourites ‘The Broken Broadcast’ already finds them on fine form and looking more than ready to embark on new adventures.  Technically superb, and driven by a huge cinematic sound, the Beasts perform their anthemic tracks with fine confidence and in a live show not too far removed from the indie meets wide-soundscape style of The Doves.  ‘For the dark’ stands out with its popping bass line, moody vocals, and narrative about the beautiful darkness, whilst future single ‘Pulk’ steals their set with a lively guitar and a gorgeous ‘just tell them not to worry’ refrain.  Pulk is a classic in the making and offers genuine excitement about the future of The Beasts.  Bring on gig number four.

Headliners Breathe Panel build on the more upbeat moments of Methodical Beasts with their sound clearly influenced by mid-80’s era REM and Viva Hate period Morrissey.  Driven heavily by chopping, arpeggio’d, guitar parts, interesting rhythms and abstract lyrics, Breathe are a band who sacrifice easy song-writing choices in favour of more interesting, less obvious, moments.  ‘Hue’ stands out this evening with its interesting melody and double tracked vocals, as does ‘On my way’ which rocks the Panel’s into full throttle, leaving time for  ‘Sunrise / Sunshine’ to steal the show with its well composed, interesting, blend of pop-indie and it’s immense Ringo Starr style marching drum pattern which is breath-taking to watch.  Tonight was a showcase for polite, earnest, artists not looking to take the easy options.  Long live the risk takers.

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