Monster truck. Newcastle Academy. 23.4.19

Hard rock, light metal’lers, Monster Truck couldn’t possibly pack one more person into the Academy 2 tonight with a show so literally sold out that it’s bordering on uncomfortable.  At least for anyone that’s short.  It looks fine for the band.

Touring extensively on their last album, 2018’s ‘True Rockers’ the Trucks are on fine form tonight with a show matching their reputation for riff heavy, intense, inclusive, performances driven by a love for loud rock and denim.  Highlights ‘For the sun’, ‘She’s a witch’ and ‘For the people’ steal the show with their capturing of the rock spirit whilst the superb performance of Jeremy Wideman, who wins this evenings ‘most valuable player’ award, captures most of the visual attention.  On the way out I left wondering if in 30 years time these guys could be thought of as the American Status Quo.  That’s a fine tribute to a rock and denim evening.

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