Equus. People’s theatre. 1.5.19

Some pleasures, we are advised, need a sense of sin; the distance between morality and evil being blurred by inconsistencies in the middle.  Deciding to explore those inconsistencies, director Ned Bennett pushes Peter Shaffer’s original play to its extremes in a production exploring the complexities of fundamental beliefs, the choice of making the world binary, and the pain often felt by getting lost in the inconsistencies.   A modern day parable of fundamentalism, sexual desire, anxiety and faith, Bennett’s choice of stripping Equus down to it’s core narrative, and minimalist stage setting, pays off handsomely with its avoidance of any unnecessary material, sounds or movement.  What’s left is a painful and dark world which exposes Equus’s core opposing narratives about religious salvation, s&m, and two men’s enduring search for meaning, faith and purpose in a world covered in inconsistencies.  Another brave People’s Theatre choice; and another one which pays off hugely.

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