Metronomy. Boiler House. 3.5.19

Their first set for some time, Metronomy picked an eager crowd to return to on a weekend of scheduled city festivals for them starting with the Hit the North opening.  Dressed up, seemingly, as junior doctors in their choice robes of white/blue, Metronomy show no signs of rust as they blitz through their electro funk set with standouts including ‘Everything goes my way’.  Led by funky guitarist Joseph Mount, Metronomy’s set is warm and inviting, hinged around two core weapons; Mount’s own funk grooves and bassist Olugbenga Adelekan’s bounce-heavy lines.  The result is a set which is upbeat, disco friendly and a nice return from old favourites who never fail to disappoint. If you didn’t know they’d been away, you wouldn’t be able to tell.  A foot note to warm up act Sons of Raphael, who’s excellent intense stage show and two piece lo-fi guitar work may be sign of big things from this collection of purists.  Loud guitars, retro visuals, combined with slim, good looking, lads can tend to be an interesting combination.  Didn’t they say the same about The Strokes?

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