Middlesbrough shine festival. 11.5.19

Whilst the annual event for emerging talent runs all-day it may be the post 5pm, ‘evening’, spots which are more of interest to those on the look-out for interesting, up and coming, regularly gigging, new musical acts.  Spread across two rooms, with each alternating between sound-check and performance, Shine does a considerable job of showcasing 9 emerging acts in a five hour period.  Kicking us off early ‘RockVox/Undervine and its complicated’, ‘Charlea B’, ‘The Lulas’ and ‘John’ present accessible music with full enthusiasm; perhaps the Lulas standing out with their highlight ‘Criminal’.  Next up Pink Tide, who perhaps steal the evening with their supremely confident blend of indie/funk, rock out with a superbly tight three piece sound; it’s very reminiscent of The Second Coming era Stone Roses.  Taking us into political and social commentary, local MC Leddie shows off considerable flow before indie rockers ‘Sounder Minds’ blast us into outer space with their cosmic sounds; ‘Toothache’ particularly stealing the show.  A laid back acoustic duo ‘Komparisson’ take us soulfully into tonight’s headliners, Darlington’s ‘Neon Waltz’ who swagger and give attitude over particularly introvert and honest lyrics in a style not too dissimilar from the Street style but intimate voice of the DMA’s.  It may not be wonderfully attended, but it is a wonderful event and we need more of these in the region. 

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