Ockhams Razor. Tipping Point. Dance City. 23.5.19

Image not mine.

I’ve had difficulty reviewing this one as, even with the hindsight of a few days, I’m not really sure what happened or how to accurately describe what I saw.  So perhaps the easiest avenue into the review is to say that the most recent show by regular Dance City performers, Ockham’s Razor, is highly original, very modern, and challenging to describe.  Furthermore it involves performances based on the type of body control which can bring out the green-eyed monster in its audience.  Centred around circus tricks, balancing acts and, what I’ve come to know as, ‘aerial theatre’ ‘Tipping point’ is a part theatre, part circus and part dance show as it knits together inspiring solo and team demonstrations of aerial movement.  Exciting and dangerous in places, controlled and meditative in others, it’s perhaps the curration of the show which is most impressive; piecing feats together in a way which build fear, release it through humour, and then build it again.  Focused around body movements and precise control, balance and subtleness of the troupe Tipping Point succeeds through not just the enjoyment of watching masters in work but also in it’s ability to tap into our love for Car Crash Tv; you know you’re watching something dangerous and it could go wrong, but it’s too exciting to look away.  I wouldn’t want to offend Ockham Razor but describing their show through liking it to car crash tv may be the best I can do.

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