Kitty, Daisy & Lewis. 8.6.19. Georgian Theatre. Stockton.

It’s hard to tell who’s the more stylish tonight, main act Kitty Daisy and Lewis, with their 70s funk flares and super cool collars, or support stars The Corn Shacks who are head to toe in Americana denim and prohibition attitude.  In outfits alone, both acts clearly take their performance seriously.

Kicking us off with four-piece style rockabilly and bluegrass, the Corn Shacks offer a spirited warm-up, encapsulated by washboards, 3-piece vocal harmonies and gentle acoustic guitars.  An electric cover of Folsom Prison Blues steals their set in a perfect introduction to KD&L who, stylishly, bound onto the stage with their 70’s strong grooves, gentle funk and mix-up of genres including jazz, soul, bluegrass and ragtime.  Standouts Baby bye bye , You’re so fine and Don’t make a fool out of me all showcase a band full of confidence and prepared to take risks with their sound as well as musical architecture.  Impressively switching instruments across the show tonight’s set is also a showcase of musical proficiency, with a bi-product being that the audience is kept entertained by an ever-changing of sounds, vocalists and instrumentation.  Stylish, talented, entertaining and full of interesting tracks KD&L prove that they have the considerable substance to meet with their considerable style.

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