State Champs. 18.6.19. Riverside

Three days on from what was reported as an explosive Download set, and one evening on from a sold-out London show, pop punkers/ light metallers State Champs set is far more energetic than, really, it has any right to be. Back at the Riverside for their second ever sell out show, the Champs show is loud, visceral and edgy; a stage presence that is clearly their main selling point. An almighty early set list, which begins in full force with ‘Criminal’ and culminates in ‘Lightning’, is delivered with full intensity and meaning by a band who cease to stop moving throughout the show. Evidently providing the audience with what they’ve come to see, the State Champs set sends most of the crowd, dressed in newly printed Download t-shirts, home happy and content; no doubt whilst they pack up and get ready for their next show. If for no other reason, these guys deserve huge credit for their effort and dedication.

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