LA Witches. The Cluny. 1.7.19

You can almost smell the hype as you walk into the Cluny.  Virtually sold out, and little room to move, LA Witch have brought art rock lovers out of the woodwork tonight in search of the answer to a big question; is the hype really deserved, or is this a huge charade to sell tickets?  Nicely warmed up by two-piece noise duo The noise and the naïve, what our Witches prove tonight from virtually the first chord is that often the (music) press get it right.  Grounded in an intense garage rock sound, the three-piece witches combine angry Pete Townsend rhythm guitar parts with groovy bass lines and pounding Dennis Wilson techniques to create a sound which creates the darker country rock moments of Chris Isaak with the melodic vocals of Mazy Starr.  An infectious, no nonsense, set which matches the witches onstage slight menace, these witches mean business. Excellent.

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