Zoe Rahman and Laura MacDonald. Lit and Phil. 16.7.19

Image not mine.

Part of the fantastically curated Jazz Northeast Summer collection, as well as being the organisation’s contribution to the GemArt’s Masala Festival, North East jazz pianist Zoe Rahman and Scottish saxophonist Laura MacDonald’s combined performance may well come to be remembered as the highlight of the season.  A powerful combination, Rahman and MacDonald blend well both as musicians, and as hosts, as they share equal spotlight in a performance which continually shifts it’s focus in terms of style and principle instrument.  Sharing both composition entries, as well the evening’s commentaries, Rahman and MacDonald provide both a rich musical curation and an engaging story telling methodology in a show rich with moments of avant-jazz and emotive reeds.  Curated both from original compositions, as well choosing pieces which match their shared Celtic heritage, perhaps the principle highlight of the evening is it’s aviation of both modern and classical jazz; a wonderfully diverse set spanning moments of serene contemplation followed shortly by heavy riffs.  Rahman, somewhat of a local celebrity on the jazz scene, and playing with a constant smile, is someone to look for in the future local listings; particularly if she’s coupled again with MacDonald.  A wonderful evening with credit needed to both Jazz Northeast as well as to the musicians.

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