Michael Gallagher. Think Tank. 27.6.19

Picture taken at Hartlepool live

The past hasn’t always been kind to those deemed ‘the ones to watch’ by the local music press.  Full of promise, and often overestimating the regions impact on the ears of the nation, the unfortunate trajectory of the accolade has been a short-term spike in interest followed by a mid to long term implosion.  Recent press cuttings suggest that it’s Michael Gallagher’s turn to tops the regions talent-topping lists, a status supported by his large following and the quality of his early releases.  On a quest to break the hoodoo, Gallagher’s near sell out show tonight does what it needs to; providing space to demonstrate his sturdy song-writing and the nuclear personality that stands alongside it.  Nicely rounded into an accessible style, Gallagher’s audience friendly, indie meets Weller meets Oasis, sound fits into the type of music often heavily rotated by the nation’s indie friendly media outlets.  If this is a deliberate ploy to write music in a style with mass appeal, then to be fair to Gallagher he does it well; as he also does when replicating and performing the style live.  Though he wears his influences close to his hear, what Gallagher does he does very well.  Perhaps that’s the formulae needed to break the region’s jinx. 

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