K.D. Lang. The Sage. 19.7.19

Some years before the information era drove us to despair, time provided greater opportunities for reflection; an essential ingredient in the mixture of most creative efforts.  Built out of such reflection, Lang’s Ingenue album, celebrated tonight for its quarter century, could pass as the closest we’ve come to capturing a modern Pet Sounds given its ability to retract the author’s reflections into a manifesto for future behaviour.  Soulful, introspective, and deeply emotive, Ingenue, like Pet Sounds, was the type of instant classic that often takes 25 years to be fully realised.  Brought back into our lives, Ingenue, performed in sequence tonight, reminds us of the importance of personal reflection, as well as the need to be empathetic to the reflections of others.  Set inside delicate drapes, and changing mood lighting, Ingenue is breathed back to life by Lang’s perfect vocal delivery and ability to, as she says herself, create gentle hypnosis.  Soulful, humorous and incredibly moving, Lang and Ingenue remind us that reflection can be our greatest strength. 

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