Holy Now. Bobiks. 26.7.19

By treating us to two of the hottest indie/pop bands around, Bobiks, the regions hottest new venue, seems keen on making huge strides towards building a reputation for creating interesting experiences.  Set inside of its personality-savvy venue, and pairing Dog Years with Holy Now, the early signs are that Bobiks has both the venue and the understanding of complementary line-ups to make a mark in the local scene; a scene, if we’re honest, which bristles with potential but is often pulled in a hundred different directions.  Up first Dandy Warhol-sounding Dog Years bring synths, shakers and hypnotic guitars in a mixture which produces a fine American indie pop sound.  Slightly less talkative than usual, the Years let their songs take centre stage tonight with interesting and accessible pop that aims high and delivers higher.  Theirs is a sound which naturally enhances Swedish upcomers Holy Now and their blend of accessible guitar pop sound with charismatic, lo-fi, moments and pop hooks.  Mostly upbeat and jovial, their standout tonight is the slower ‘Tainted heart’ which deeply affects with it’s ‘I wanted to break it all’ refrain.  It’s a demonstration that not all things pop need to be sweet.  Delivering another great evening, and providing a great venue, the people at Bobiks prove that they have lofty ambitions. 

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