Marie Marx. Middlesborough Little Theatre. 24.8.19

Kicking off an exciting new roster for Toft House, the double bill of Steve Mccormick and Marie Marx feels like a victory from the off.  Playing to, what appears to be, a ‘home’ crowd, both Mccormick and Marx seem unable to put a foot wrong tonight with a crowd who lean in, and provide support, from the word go.  Stripped right back Mccormick kicks us off with a Neil Finn style of acoustic pop; delivering fine playing alongside strong song writing.  ‘Goosebumps’ and ‘Don’t want you anymore’ stand out in a set which, although hampered by onstage monitor issues, is lapped up by the audience.   Staying with the acoustic theme, Marx starts her set unplugged and in search of gentle musical accomplishment.  ‘Broke’ catches attention with it’s melancholic feel and search for meaning whilst later, full band, tracks look create a sound which blends folk with Americana, giving a Kirsty Maccoll feel.  A great start to the new campaign.

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