And she. Northern Stage. 6.9.19

Billed as ‘part gig, part mum’s living rooms’, Bonnie and the Bonnettes newest production is nothing if not full of bold colour, ideas and ambition.  Packed with song and dance, the externalisation of ‘And she’, a play about child and mother relationships, is bright and bold; moments of script radically transformed from traditional drama into breezy cabaret, complete with high energy dance steps and disco lights.  Peaking with a five-minute dialogue set to a a multi part choreograph of the macarena, the Bonnettes production ideas sparkle as they play with theatre and create energy, humour, and originality.  Standout moment ‘Stop’, a half rap, half rock, original tune works well in its ability to be humorous, serious, emotive and jovial at the same moment.  It encompasses a show which does the same.

Surprisingly ‘And’ shines the brightest with it shys away from the bright lights and reveals in its inner core; particularly on the slowed down, impassioned, soliloquy’s describing the quiet, maternal, sacrifices and struggles which mums often make to better their children.  Though not even idea comes off fully, ‘And’ is a deeply moving production which is loudest when the noise is quietened, and the dance floor stripped away.  

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