Catalan! Head of Steam. 28.09.19

If the 90’s Britrock nonsense proved anything it was that of all the bands aspiring to reach continuously high standards, Supergrass were the ones who walked away with the title.  Brash, full of ideas, and increasingly diverse in their sound, The Grass’s essence; part British introspective lyrics, and part American lo-fi rock, was truly magnificent.  As with life then so with music, and as a twenty-year nostalgia trips bring back into vogue Britpop/rock oldies, and updated, newer, versions of the same sound, then it’s nice to see one or two bands tred into Supergrass territory and try something new. 

Catalan!, a member down from their usual four piece, and at the final night of their UK tour, go for the alternative rock of Supergrass from the world go.  Lasting thirty minutes, and including nine songs, their set is lo fi yet highly ambitious.   Funk driven in places, and riff driven in others, Catalan!’s sound is upbeat, catchy and deliberately aggressive; highlight ‘Oka’, itself a really classy pop/rock single, standing out in an intense, humorous, set.  It may not be terribly original, but it is terrifically impactful; long live those with good taste in influencers.

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