Kelvin Jones. Thinktank? 13.10.19

Still growing his status in the UK, but gold-selling across Europe, Kelvin Jones has already developed a considerable musical career in his two years of active song-writing and performing service.  Dedicating the remainder of 2019, and all of 2020, to building his status in the UK, tonight sees Jones already in the type of fine, confident, form that builds the style of foundations which last.  Armed with an acoustic guitar, Jones shows off his growing skill set by controlling the stage with ease; audience interactions and sing alongs being created before the first note is even played in a brave move which pays off as it forces the audience pay attention.  And once he has the attention, he can’t lose.  Led by soulful track ‘Call you home’ Jones showcases his technical guitar playing and fine vocals in a set full of promise, meaning, and great song writing.  A cut-up cover of ‘The fresh prince of Bel Air’ and ‘I need a dollar’ is perhaps a good metaphor of where Jones is at present; confident enough to sing about real issues affecting the world, but well rounded enough to look for the humour and optimism.

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