I have met my enemy. Byker Community Centre. 17.10.19

As Kanye seems to be proving, any show with an overarching desire to be sincere can often drown itself in its own importance.  Sincerity, not content with being one of the most pretentious emotions a performance piece can reach for, can often be the dullest.  History gives us countless examples of boring ways to present serious messages.

Demanding to be different, ‘I have met’ uses a multi-media, interactive, cinematic form to deliver sincere messages about the damages of war, yet does so in a playful, engaging, manner.  Driven by a working production team who push feedback videos, distorted signals and interactive light shows across a number of interconnected stories, ‘I have’ challenges it’s audience by pushing serious themes as far as you can without disrespecting them; using sensory overloads, and juxtaposed settings (including an arms trade show, a techno rave at a war border, and live satellite link ups to devastated war regions) as an instrument to explore the devastation of war and to have fun with serious content.

Resulting in a production which seeks to present the ‘sound’ of big data in all of it’s forms; truth, lies, manipulation, misinformation and honesty, ‘I have’ ultimately succeeds by ensuring that the technology does not diminish from the intimacy, and the importance of the subject.  A serious subject, a serious delivery, but not a serious bore.

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