Nine Below Zero. The Riverside. 9.11.19

Perhaps the nicest thing about slightly older bands is that they tend to bring slightly older crowds; which tends to mean a slightly more punctual audience; which tends to mean a good turn-out for the warmup act.  Whether that’s true, or just a huge assumption on my part, the good news tonight is that there’s a packed, and appreciative, crowd in for Charlie Austen’s set.  Deserving to play to a crowd, Austen’s slightly sleazy acoustic rock is competently delivered and acts as her first role tonight; the other being principle support vocalist for Nine Below who bow on early and stay late.

Pushing across their four-decade history, Nine may still be one of the principal bands on the touring circuit; full of intent, meaning, and fine songs.  Standouts tonight are mostly from 2019’s Avalanche album with both ‘Ter Wit Ter Woo’ and ‘Recycle me’ impressing the most both for their delivery and intentional edge.  They may be 40 years old this year but they still have it.

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