Cauls. The Sage. 10.11.19

It’s a comparison that I’m sure is fairly mundane, yet still worth mentioning, but there are many similarities that link Cauls to The Sugarcubes; perhaps none more so than both being alternative rock acts from untraditional rock-star birthing grounds.  Beyond the demographics of their bands, however, perhaps the principle link between both progressive acts is how much the melody of their music relies on the strength of a zen-like frontperson pulling together and arranging chaotic energy and white noise.  An outstanding performance by Katie Oswell tonight supports Cauls in reaching their highest potential as she centers a wall of effects pedals and turns it into something accessible and emotional.  Standing still on many occasions Oswell’s performance is central to the show’s overall production, and forms an interesting counterpoint to the rest of the band’s destructive and urgent performance.  A superb show, and a superb way to debut new album Epoche, you get the feeling that these sonic experimenters have only just begun.  A quick shout to a wonderful launch party cast who supported a superb evening; Dutch Elm and Brad Field for playing wonderful experimental music and Pave the Jungle for wowing the audience with a combination of Jesus and Mary Chain style feedback and My Bloody Valentine pop melodies.