Imogeon Heap. The Sage. 11.11.19

If there was a sweepstake taking place for the new Doctor Who, then the smart money, surely, should be on Imogen Heap.  Interesting and experimental, not to say eccentric and intellectual, Heap’s indie pop/electronic output has not only sounded, at times, other worldly but has also been at the forefront of new music production techniques and tools.  Armed tonight with her very own sonic screwdriver, Heap’s high-tech musical gloves (surely a factor she’s tiring of hearing about in any review of her live show) almost steal the show in the way they demonstrate not only new ways of playing live, but also new possibilities for music and stage shows.    

Set across two, one-hour, acts; Heap’s show tonight is both nerdy (in her Eddie Izzard way of madcapping tech and stories) and incredibly sensitive (in her musical performance).  A stellar version of ‘Held by love’ steals the show not only for its beautiful structure, but also in the way Heap lovingly explains the song’s genesis (a 2am question and answer session with strangers on the bank of the Thames).  Funny, high-tech and high-emotion, Heap has both the gimmicks, the imagination and the songs this evening to fully entrap and immerse her audience.  Next time I’m hoping for K9 to make an appearance, or a dancing Dalek.

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