District Attorney. Cumberland Arms. 30.11.19

I don’t think you can credit District Attorney enough for the energy they bring to a live show; if you’ve seen them you’ll know what I mean.  Consistently playing onstage with a huge smile is one thing, but religiously bringing a truck load of friends and packing out a venue is another entirely.  If we were to generalise then that’s exactly what we’d say a District Attorney gig is; a band enjoying what they do in front of an audience who enjoy watching the band enjoy what they do.  But herein may lie the challenge because whilst District Attorney may be every local promoter’s dream band, packing out venues and playing instantly hook friendly indie rock, they may a difficult band to open for.  As it proves tonight the crowd are in great voice but it’s the loud atmosphere that may be a challenging environment for the more gentle openers Worry Party and Morning People who both, despite great performances and plenty of audience good will, perhaps perform in an environment that is unsuitable, and too loud for their delicacies; Morning People with a lovely indie pop bounce and delicate melodies, and Worry Party with an interesting electronic style of sushed trip-hop and male/female blended vocals.  As it proves tonight, District Attorney can’t really go wrong in front of a ‘home crowd’ (the audience’s energy helping to build the band’s confidence, which leads to a superb performance defined by their rhythmic drumming patterns) but you do feel a little for those bands who have to open for them. 

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