Vetiver. Old cinema Launderette. 9.12.19

Taking to the stage for only his sixth solo appearance, and playing outside of his usual ‘band’ architecture, the pressure is squarely on principle Vetiver bandleader/songwriter Andy Cabic to bring the warmth of Vetiver to life on a cold December evening.  In a launderette.  In Gilesgate.

Choosing to put aside the traditionally electric folk/Americana sound of Vetiver, Cabic’s trick tonight is to use the key melodies and rhythms within his songs to reimagine them for an acoustic performance.  Removing some of the impressive guitar solos which flourish in the bands recording catalogue, Cabic instead performs with a slightly slower, slightly more emotive, folk/Americana/pop style of playing; perhaps reminiscent of mid 70’s period Paul Simon.

Highlighted by acoustic takes on gems from this year’s ‘Up on High’ album (‘Swaying’, ‘Wanted, Never asked’ and ‘A door shuts quick’) Cabic excels because of the gentle environment he creates, as well the fact that, well, his songs excel.  As they prove tonight they can also be repositioned but not loose any of their magic.

“I made enemies of those who might defend me” sings Cabic at one point though surely there can’t be any enemies here tonight, only friends, thankful to be kept warm on a cold December evening. In a launderette.  In Gilesgate.   

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