Avalanche party. Westgarth social club. 14.12.19

When the first band (Benefits) on a triple bill are maybe the best band you’ve seen all year you worry for the following two acts. 
When the second band (BlackWaters) arrive and surpass the first band, you can’t help but be petrified for the headliners.
But when the headliners (Avalanche Party) turn up and put on the type of show you’ve only see once or twice in a decade then you know you’re in the presence of greatness. 

There’s credit needed to Avalanche Party tonight for not ‘just’ playing with such high intensity but also for inviting two acts who could give them such a run for their money; and there’s credit needed to the Westgarth crowd who gave each band their full attention and made tonight such a communal event.  In terms of crowd participation, loud guitars, hyperactive frontmen, political messages, singalong choruses and overall energy, tonight will be hard to match.  Excellent.