Which is best? The Stand. 5.1.20

Like New Year’s Eve, expectations can be a tricky concept. If you’re expecting a New Year’s to be great then you’re imposing a higher set of standards to the event than if you’re expecting very little; a ‘5 out of 5’ score for evening you had little expectations of, might only make a ‘3 out of 5’ if you’d been looking forward to the evening for some time. 

Tonight works for me, partly, because my expectations were low (I hadn’t listened to the ‘Which is Best’ podcast before) and partly because I’ve never seen a comedy panel show work particularly well.  Random in some places (the ‘name your top 3 farm animals’ section), exceeding in others (asides about sexual antics and drug taking), Which works ultimately because of the chemistry between hosts Lee Kyle and Sammy Dobson and their understanding that when one goes off on a tangent into surreal comedy, the other maintains the structure of the evening.  Proving a winning combination Which is filled both with hosts who know they’re right on the edge of good taste, but push it that little bit further at any rate, and a well-structured flow.  Whilst a couple of walk-outs suggest that the evening may need greater levels of audience participation, overall this is a wickedly funny evening.  I’ve subscribed to the podcast; it comes with great expectations.

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